View Full Version : Project CARS Community Gallery #33

Rob Prange
19-09-2012, 14:16
Our newest Project CARS Community Gallery is up, featuring 45 stunning screenshots captured by our talented WMD members:


Stefan Ihl
19-09-2012, 14:26
Excellent choice Rob! Great pics as usual!

19-09-2012, 15:00
Thks Rob and welcome to the new photographer :a18:

Simon Ashbourne
19-09-2012, 22:17
Trying to view this on my iPad2 using Safari browser. Pictures are just flashing...on and off...

Bruno Alexandre
19-09-2012, 22:33
Can you try with a different browser ?

Thomas Einoeder
20-09-2012, 05:39
It's the same on my iPhone/iPad. Even using Google Chrome has the same problem on my iOS devices.

Edi Uus
21-09-2012, 14:06
Incredible details. Lighting has so much different variation in this 45 picture selection.

By the way, what interior is the 35th picture in the gallery (11th when counter from the last picture)? What car is pictured there?

Jesse Bruce
21-09-2012, 14:13
Gumpert Apollo S