View Full Version : Project CARS Community Gallery #26

Rob Prange
22-07-2012, 15:14
Our newest Community Gallery is up, including no less than 70 stunning shots you don't want to miss out on!


22-07-2012, 15:38
:a45:wow, the screenshots speaks for themselves, this game is each time more brilliant!
Thanks for also including mine;)

22-07-2012, 18:14
Great selection as ever, I think that's most I've had selected thanks Rob , :D

Umer Ahmad
22-07-2012, 20:04
the most insane ultra-real gallery yet

22-07-2012, 21:28
Ty rob great gallery as usual :a26:

Lewis Hills
22-07-2012, 21:29
Those scenery shots were jaw dropping - The top down view, and the one of the new trees and clouds - They're quite simply, photo real.

Hugh Crummond
22-07-2012, 21:49
Great gallery as ever guys, but....

Sorry esp to Kelnor for those great shots with my skin in em, but the logos on the car are 'live' companies, logo's, names.
(all be it not very well known but.. they do exist.. thats not allowed is it.. eek!!)

:sorrow: I was over the moon with those shots myself Kelnor...

Rob Prange
22-07-2012, 22:46
Which livery are you talking about?

22-07-2012, 22:54
Which livery are you talking about?

Photo 60 & 61, i think Rob (bad day for me):(

Rob Prange
22-07-2012, 22:57
Those are real companies? Never heard of any of them, I always look out for known logos but since none of them rang a bell I thought it was fictional.

Oh well, too bad. Removed them...

24-07-2012, 13:56
I noticed last night that my skin features in there: http://www.wmdportal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/0301.jpg

Typical isnt it, you hope to get it spotted, and when it does its a wreck :D

29-07-2012, 14:28
I guess number 67 shouldn't be in there either I guess :(
HKS, Yokomo, PIAA, Genki, Endless etc....