View Full Version : Five New Tracks Now Available in Project CARS

Rob Prange
09-03-2012, 15:16
Build 169 of Project CARS is now available, giving WMD members with Team Member status and above access to no less than five new tracks.

For more details, please check out the frontpage story:


09-03-2012, 15:20
ty for all your doing great work!

Rodrigo Borba
09-03-2012, 20:45
Great news boys !
Apreciate !
Continue the great work !

Andrew Clark
09-03-2012, 21:25
Ya I guess I'll have to start traveling I have been testing the Cars on one track as to keep it to Car Physics. but I guess I have to get out some more and see the world.

Philipp Suedbeck
09-03-2012, 21:49

It is just amazing to see how fast its growing up! Absolutely great work, thank you!

I will upgrade my tool pack next month, i need to buy the last parts for my new selfmade desk and rig first :)

11-03-2012, 10:36
thanks very much!

11-03-2012, 14:44
Yes and not to forget thats 8 different layouts altogether,
Derby has 2 and 'New' Badenring has 3
Thanks Devs :D