View Full Version : [SMS] Maintenance notices

Mike Laskey
24-11-2011, 16:09
Hi everyone,

We shall be having a 15 minute server outage at 10am tomorrow (Friday 25th Nov) to deploy important server-side changes and to reset all the lap times on the server.

The good news is that upon upgrading, game clients at build number 100 or higher will attempt to resubmit stats that are cached in the local game profile... so if you normally delete your profile when you apply a new game version then I suggest for tomorrow that you do not do that.

Following the deployment, game builds older than 100 will no longer be able to upload lap times to the server, although you can continue to play and the stats will continue to be stored in your profile until such time that you upgrade.

Mike Laskey
25-11-2011, 09:26
Maintenance complete: http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?68-C.A.R.S.-Daily-Code-Changes&p=30625&viewfull=1#post30625

Lap times on the server have been reset and will be re-uploaded upon your next client start (although you require build 100 or greater).

Mike Laskey
01-12-2011, 16:40
Due to numerous changes there will be a short maintenance period at 11am tomorrow (Friday 2nd December) required to wipe lap record stats from the database. Tomorrow's game build will be required by all members in order to successfully upload lap times to the server.