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Rob Prange
23-10-2013, 01:19
Lots of big & small things have been going on at WMD during the past few days. You weren't around for all of it? Then make sure to catch up on the most important topics below!

Development News

We have started a major new poll regarding Project CARS on next-gen consoles - Make sure to vote here! (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?16345-Moving-to-the-Next-Gen-consoles)

Work on the Ginetta G55 GT3 is due to start soon as the CAD reference material is being prepared - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?16314-Ginetta-G55-GT3-(not-started-yet))

Our Render Coder Martin Griffiths has added improved grass to the recent development builds - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?14265-Graphics-Engine-Milestones-and-Features-Reference-List-read-first-post&p=571842&viewfull=1#post571842)

Stepan Vondrak has made lots of progress on the Steam Leaderboards implementation as outlined in his newest status update - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?15248-Steam-tasks-and-features&p=574155&viewfull=1#post574155)

Our Art Director Darren White is about to check in a new lighting condition for the dynamic time of day system - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?2286-Dev-TimeCycle-And-Weather-System&p=574249&viewfull=1#post574249)

Painting templates for both the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM & the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ400 - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?3169-Paint-Templates-Download&p=573340&viewfull=1#post573340)

Content Previews

Perran Truran is making swift progress on the iconic Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.8 AMG as plenty of new previews show - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?16215-1971-Mercedes-Benz-300SEL-6.8-AMG-(WIP)&p=570293&viewfull=1#post570293)

Work continues on all aspects of the 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM, including cockpit textures, LOD work and UV mapping - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?15615-1991-Mercedes-Benz-190E-2.5-16-Evolution-2-DTM-(Alpha1)&p=569005&viewfull=1#post569005)

Luis Barata has done lots of work on the quickly-progressing Emirates Kartdrome - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?16293-Emirates-Kartdrome&p=572916&viewfull=1#post572916)

Martin & Gustavo Olivera are making quick progress on the community-designed RWD P30 LMPrototype - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?16211-LMPrototype-RWD-P30-(WIP)&p=569453&viewfull=1#post569453)

Emirates GP has been receiving plenty of new assets by our skilled environment artists - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?11748-Emirates-Raceway&p=573814&viewfull=1#post573814)

Matt Clark has recently completed plenty of LOD work on the 1980 Ford Zakspeed Capri Group 5 - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?6663-1980-Ford-Capri-Zakspeed-Group-5-(Alpha1)&p=569929&viewfull=1#post569929)

Plenty of liveries for the 2012 Ruf RGT-8 have been checked in, many of which have been painted by our community members - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?12730-2012-Ruf-RGT-8-(PreAlpha)&p=570066&viewfull=1#post570066)

The 2011 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG has been equipped with plenty of new liveries as well - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?12732-2011-Mercedes-Benz-SLS-AMG-(Beta2)&p=570632&viewfull=1#post570632)

Ivo Franic has done lots of LOD & AO work on the 2012 Formula Gulf FG1000 - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?5576-2012-Formula-Gulf-1000-(Alpha1)&p=570261&viewfull=1#post570261)

Andrea Fabris has recently done lots of terrain work on California Highway - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?4258-California-Highway&p=572065&viewfull=1#post572065)

Lots of texturing work has been done on the 2013 Formula C - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?15967-2013-Formula-C-(PreAlpha)&p=573693&viewfull=1#post573693)

Several features have been added to the Caterham SP/300.R, including suspension animation, damage & animated cockpit mirrors - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?1558-Caterham-SP-300.R-(Beta1)&p=282038&viewfull=1#post282038)

JF Bouchard has exported the latest version of the 2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?14233-2012-Mercedes-Benz-SLS-AMG-GT3-(PreAlpha)&p=571291&viewfull=1#post571291)

Fixes & Updates

Due to a bug in Build 583, the leader boards have recently been reset, Build 585 is now required to submit lap times - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?16328-Leaderboard-reset&p=569600&viewfull=1#post569600)

The 1990 Caper Stock Car has received improved damage modifiers and various bug-fixes - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?3823-1990-Caper-Stock-Car-(Alpha2)&p=571700&viewfull=1#post571700)

Doug Arnao has checked in a new AIW for Lakeville GP - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?13875-Lakeville-Raceway&p=450277&viewfull=1#post450277)

Suspension animation work has been completed on the Caterham Classic - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?1557-Caterham-Classic-(Alpha1)&p=573612&viewfull=1#post573612)

Kevin Boland has fixed a bug with particle depth based attenuation - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?68-Project-CARS.-Daily-Code-Changes&p=570967&viewfull=1#post570967)

Meanwhile, Paul Hudak has been working on the handling of disqualifications in-game - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?68-Project-CARS.-Daily-Code-Changes&p=569567&viewfull=1#post569567)

New physics with plenty of changes for the Caterham Classic have been checked in - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?11751-Physics-Releases&p=569409&viewfull=1#post569409)

Furthermore, the Formula Gulf FG1000 has received some physics improvements as well - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?11751-Physics-Releases&p=573784&viewfull=1#post573784)

Test & Report Feedback

The Car Physics Focus Testing events have been launched, make sure to try all three of them and share your feedback in the physics forum! - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?15314-Car-Physics-Focus-Testing-(CPFT)-Weekly-Announcement-Thread.)

Where do you live? Let us know in the newest poll - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?15971-Where-do-you-live)


Looking for an event to race in? The check out the Weekly Events list (http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthread.php?12233-List-with-weekly-Events)

Make sure to check out the pCARS API forum for several cool Project CARS apps that have recently been released - Click Here (http://forum.wmdportal.com/forumdisplay.php?97-pCARS-API-Discussion)

That's it for this time, have fun checking out all the material and make sure to join the discussions yourself!

James Brooks
23-10-2013, 02:32
Great to see content really pick up pace these past couple of weeks. Expecially cars really accelerating in progress and some nearing completion.