View Full Version : Project CARS Community Gallery #64

Rob Prange
18-08-2013, 01:48
Our newest Project CARS Community Gallery is out, featuring 90 shots you don't want to miss out on!


18-08-2013, 01:52
Stunning gallery! Every shot is worthy of being a desktop wallpaper, congrats everyone :) Beautiful selection of photos Mr. Prange!

Hugh Crummond
18-08-2013, 07:45
Lovely bunch!!
I've been mostly awol over the last couple of weeks, pc has been a no go untill decorating, painting, is complete, the end is in sight today!!!! Yeay..
This gallery's gonna get the paint brush smokin with speed today.
Fantastic shots, I always imagine how outsiders would feel looking at what we're testing..
Then I laugh a hearty MUHAHA ;-)

Oh.. This is my pcars corner right now #sadface
*i cant post a thumb on this bloody phone,,,
Need pc need pc :-(

Gonna view the gallery again before the work starts :-)

18-08-2013, 10:04
Awesome set, as usual Mr Prange :yes:

18-08-2013, 11:02
Really nice collection :yes: @Rob: thanks for mention my name, but there is not screen I shoot in the gallery :p:confused:

Rob Prange
18-08-2013, 11:06
Hm, maybe I removed it during my last check because I spotted a real-life logo on the livery or something else that made it unusable. Sorry...

18-08-2013, 11:56
Boom!! what a gallery ,great stuff chaps :D