View Full Version : Project CARS Community Gallery #55

Rob Prange
10-05-2013, 09:02
The newest Project CARS Community Gallery is up, make sure to check it out by following the link below!


10-05-2013, 16:16
Awesome rob! :)
Great to see my name up there again, and great great screenshots everyone!

Matthew Beeching
10-05-2013, 16:39
Some fine submissions indeed.

There's always new and impressive detail to see.

Jesse Bruce
10-05-2013, 19:01
Wow! This is awesome! 4 of my shots in community gallery! THANKS GUYS!

10-05-2013, 20:43
same here, impressive how there are always new nice perspectives and settings.
found especially stunning no.
19 - just briliant lighting looks, tarmac looks nicely darkened by water etc., awesome car body looks
87 - breathtaking, with that flare and dark trees.. just the puddles I'd expect to flow down the banking towards apex
88 - high immersion/presence from nice lighting and high res.. cars looking very non-digital here
72 - same.. very highly realistic impression
38 - also shows incredibly nice paint effects, details etc.
42 - love this one personally for action style and colouring even though or b/c it looks a bit like a game.. beautiful contrast and saturation
23 - that one is probably my favorite.. those new crowds are kick ass and that pic I love for clear lighting and brilliance plus physics in action looks though for my taste the driver's head might lean a bit more towards inside
13 - never saw more stunning X4 in this game, not only from livery design but the lighting in this pic I just love. It gives the game a very tidy, plastic and clean style, just love that one, maybe b/c it's looking a bit like an R/C car

besides those extremely stunning looks there are some pics that show some too gray clouds imo (47, 48, 49, 62, 65middle), guess they're not meant to be rain/storm clouds but look like such, as pics suggest it's rather daytime than dawn.. at dawn it shows gray clouds like that, when there's not enough light to shine through clouds (taken today 4:44 CET near Berlin/Germany), note how black things are compared to named gallery shots, though sure it depends on location.. maybe a bit too weak diffuse light in game while low contrast or sth? just thinking..
some shots show lighting with very yellowish tone (no. 3, 15, 17, 18, 29, 34, 64) though not sure if they're all taken @sunset, otherwise just looks too warm here, bit like a living room conventional bulb was glowing at everything.
and some come with that reflection on road bug, where far distanced trackside objects look like standing close to track, but that's a known issue.
plus, I think some cars still show a bit too little body/physics movement like roll, diving on brakes etc. (no.3, cars entering and exiting corners look a bit "inactive", but maybe it's the AI driving style).
the driver character might imo tilt+turn his head a tad more towards apex, which would give more g-force immersion visually. oh and he has no neck.
seeing so many different looks (e.g. in terms of lighting / colouring / saturation etc.) the game has many faces. Instead of making just one out of them, I'd appreciate to put a set of e.g. 4 or 5 looks together (like e.g. some postfx/sweetfx settings which led to some distinctively different looks), independently of in-game weather/time settings.
that would create a highly satisfying game imo which could make e.g. a sunset or a morning fog setting perfectly enjoyable for most tastes/expectations. I think users would love a game that is able to look more like GT5, then more like RRE (just some arbitrary examples) just by choosing from those 4-5 "style presets" (or even by being able to adjust by sliders?).

all in all, what sticks to my mind from this gallery are shots 87, 23 and 13. I'd be so happy if I could just refind and set those looks in a race finally, especially like that X4 pic.

keep up the great work, I'm eagerly awaiting the next gallery for those great shots.

Aldo Zampatti
10-05-2013, 20:47
I have a Regus office on which I'm usually on friday, and I putted this full screen in the LED TV at the Cafeteria today... I got quite a lot of ppl impressed about the photo-realism... I even had to plug my laptop to the TV and show them that that's actually how the game is. The won't just believe me... (with the obvious graphics limitation of my laptop doing 720p at mid-quality).

So Kudos to all the guys who made this beautiful screenshots!! (and the whole SMS staff, that's an obvious).!

13-05-2013, 09:20
Another brilliant gallery Rob, congrats all! :yes: