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Andy Tudor
11-10-2011, 14:55
3... 2... 1... and the lights are GREEN!

On behalf of the team at Slightly Mad Studios, welcome to the WMD Portal!

WMD is a unique and exciting new concept that gives you exclusive behind-the-scenes access and input into how games are created.

Starting at just €10 (http://forum.wmdportal.com/toolpacks.php), you get to join the development team and play the games we’re making – as we’re making them! Through these forums you’ll be able to see every inch of how we make games and you’ll be right at the centre with the ability to contribute to it and influence its direction. Ultimately then when the game is released you'll then receive a free copy and we'll pay you for dependent on your position in the company

Got a question? Ask us directly and someone will reply. Got a problem? The entire team is there to help you. Have some suggestions or feedback? Post it up for all to see.

We’re going to reward you too – each project has a list of Perks (http://wmdportal.com/projectnews/c-a-r-s-project-perks-announced) that correspond to your level of involvement. Want your team logo in the game or an opponent named after you? Upgrade to a higher Tool Pack and it’s yours! Want to join us on track days to show us your real driving skills? It’s only a click away.

So join up today and we look forward to hearing your ideas :)

The Unknown Driver
18-01-2012, 19:07

i sign up for 10 EURO today. So we get free full copy of the game ?

Rob Prange
18-01-2012, 19:09

i sign up for 10 EURO today. So we get free full copy of the game ?

Yes, you can download the current Junior build here:


You'll get a fresh one every month (first Friday of the month) and you'll receive the finished content once it's ready to be shipped.

The Unknown Driver
18-01-2012, 19:36
Brilliant, Thank you Rob. It was very confusing to know all this at the beginning. Right, Im downloading it now. Keep the hard work up guys.. this game looks very promising :)

Dinca Andrei
19-01-2012, 17:16
Hey and thanks for the oportunity to try this good looking project....
I just sign up today but from what i sow and the level this project is,i can say it looks better than other full games out there.
Good luck SMS!!!!

20-01-2012, 16:38
Just decided to sign up as the sounds on this game are unreal and it looks amazing especially for an alpha build :D

Rob Prange
20-01-2012, 16:45

Just to let you guys know, we have a dedicated topic for saying hi & introducing yourself :)